Discovery Behavioral Health - Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Patient-Centered Clinical Care

Our care begins and ends with the patient. We are committed to ensuring patients have access to the care, clinical standards and outcomes they deserve:


  • Free online patient and families support groups.
  • Informed and improved programming via patient and referent satisfaction scores
  • Continued access to a recovery community via group events and online support & app to grow and thrive


  • Evidenced-based interventions and clinical standards
  • ASAM and APA criteria & clinical appropriateness at every level of care
  • Clinical policy standards across all brands to ensure everyone receives our best
Discovery Behavioral Health - Our Philosophy


  • Experienced and highly committed staff
  • Deep bench strength of operational and clinical skills & competencies
  • Diverse cultural base to reach every individual and family in need


  • Accessibility for all with convenient locations and levels of care nationwide
  • Referrals made annually to referents and community programs outside of the DBH system of care
  • Assessment and initial stage of treatment is met with welcome and openness
  • Clinical therapeutic alliance fosters lasting engagement
  • Longevity – ensure patient moves successfully through clinical continuum

The Family & Patient Care

Family members play a key role in the successful outcome of every patient. Treatment is temporary, families are forever. At the completion of treatment, family members often play an essential role in the support of patients and their long-term recovery. And because of the importance in maintaining the gains made in treatment and in sustaining recovery, at Discovery Behavioral Health, families are considered integral members of the treatment team. Interpersonal family dynamics are a key point of focus in therapy – it is often within the family setting that the behavioral health or addiction issue is played out (*this is a widely accepted view in SUD though it is pretty controversial in ED-not that it should be). Family compositions, hierarchies, roles, ascribed characteristics and patterns of interacting within a family can be explored and healed. Engagement, withdrawal, power struggles, intimacy, isolation, and a sense of self are just a few of the many dynamics that can be observed and improved through the therapeutic process.


In many cases, family interactions reveal unspoken feelings to be shared, wounds to be healed and new, more effective ways of engaging. In addition to making the family a part of the patient’s therapeutic healing process, we also encourage family members to address how they have been impacted and to work on their own development. Often when a patient receives help, the family benefits as well to the extent they view treatment as an opportunity for everyone in the family to heal.


At Discovery Behavioral Health, we offer the necessary resources and skills to help broaden perspectives of loved ones and provide an understanding of the treatment and recovery process.