Discovery Behavioral Health - Our Science & Innovation

Science & Integration

Building Hope, Rebuilding Lives

Lives truly hang in the balance, when it comes to the treatment of addictions, eating and mental health disorders. When most people approach us for help, they are at a tipping point. It’s critical that they receive care in a timely and efficient manner.


That’s why we apply evidence-based solutions that offer documented results and a track record of success. A key pillar of our Therapeutic Alliance, which also includes a skilled and licensed professional team, strategic intervention tools and long-term outcomes, these evidentiary applications have been developed through detailed scientific study.

Discovery Behavioral Health - Our Science & Innovation

Evidence-Based Programs

We provide calm, comfortable surroundings that lend themselves to introspection and enlightenment. Our programs, which undergo monthly peer review, welcome the entire family into the restorative process, ensuring that valuable input is always respected and considered. Each of our individualized programs has shown strong documented success rates, supported by proactive, results-oriented aftercare. Operating recovery centers throughout the U.S., we rely on a consistent evidence-based approach to treatment.

Discovery Behavioral Health - Our Science & Innovation

True Science

Because we utilize fact-based programs and processes, our therapeutic model is strong and consistent, based on the treatment prescribed. Confusion is eliminated, enabling every team member to approach treatment in the same, scientifically-recognized manner. This also enables us to grow our company in a steady, cohesive manner, with a strategically recognizable brand.

We have been able to carve a distinctive niche within the industry using evidence-based treatment coupled with trauma-informed therapies, and other experiential therapies. It not only gives patients a clear game plan for restoration and recovery, but if offers loves ones and patients alike a renewed sense of hope.

Discovery Behavioral Health - For Clinicians

Integrative Care

Discovery Behavioral Health has been based on an integrative care model since our inception. We understand that every patient who seeks treatment with us is a complex and nuanced individual with unique needs in their recovery and their life.