DEI Charter


This Charter outlines Discovery Behavioral Health’s approach to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, our beliefs and mission in this key area.

• Diversity acknowledges and celebrates all the things that make employees unique.
• Inclusion provides a platform to embrace, empower and expound upon those differences, providing a channel to participate as one’s true authentic self in any setting.
• Equity is the glue that binds diversity and inclusion together. Equity is access, rooted in the pursuit of fair treatment, opportunity and support, and works to identify and eliminate barriers that may prevent employees from being wholly authentic.

These three tenets under an umbrella of intentionality will bring about meaningful change and improvements through candid examinations of personal beliefs, training and development with the goal of ensuring employees feel welcomed, valued and respected.

How Diversity, Equity & Inclusion can help drive personal growth and intentional ongoing engagement:

  • Leadership – more diversity of thought, innovation and better decision making
  • Talent – attract and retain talent to drive innovation and future growth
  • Customer – better fit with increasingly diverse patients and their values and need
  • Supplier – partner with organizations with measurable commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.


The DEI vision is to elevate diverse perspectives, foster inclusivity and embrace equity amongst our staff and patients.


DBH’s mission is to save the lives of those we serve with compassionate treatment, evidence-based clinical care and an unwavering alliance among staff, patients, their families and communities.

To achieve this, we are committed to promoting environments that are welcoming and affirming of race, ability, gender identity, experience, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity and faith.


  1. To recruit, hire and retain a diverse professional workforce on the basis of merit.
  2. To provide cultural competency focused training programs designed to facilitate greater diversity consistent with core values and commitment to excellence.
  3. To create a safe space for what may be uncomfortable conversations between managers and employees.