Our Tools

Our Tools

Dreaming big is especially powerful when you have the resources to make those dreams come true. Discovery Behavioral Health sees every challenge as an opportunity for healthy growth. Our Therapeutic Alliance is designed to achieve measurable results for those facing addictions, eating disorders and medical health issues, and our continuing expansion of facilities and intervention methods enables us to reach as many individuals as possible.

Therapeutic Alliance

Quality treatment is more than simple industry jargon for Discovery Behavioral Health (DBH). We have established a Therapeutic Alliance of care, formed by four distinct pillars. These include:

Clinical Philosophy

Rather than mere academic theory, DBH treatment protocols derive from proven statistical data…greatly improving the chances for success.


Clients recognize the quality of our professional staff. Most hold advanced clinical and educational degrees, with applied training that has achieved superior results.

Intervention Tools

DBH utilizes more than 20 different clinical modalities, with the list growing daily as we welcome imaginative, new treatment innovations.


We custom design our programs, based on informed logic, detailed data analyses, and peer review, to optimize the chances for long-term, lasting recovery.

Therapeutic Alliance Infographic

Treating as We Grow

That, in fact, has been our dream…to provide the finest client care in the industry, with clinical modalities that address the greatest number of those in need. An innovator with people and programs that set the pace for performance and quality, we offer more than 20 different intervention techniques, featuring everything from cognitive and dialectical behavior theory, to medically assisted detox, relapse prevention, dietary counseling, psychopharmacology, family therapy and more.

A continuing quest to further diversify our tools and techniques allows us to keep setting the bar higher and higher, while growing larger and more entrenched as a major industry player. There is a strong need for qualified professionals who can give those with addictions and disorders a real chance at a better life through lasting recovery. We are those professionals, saving lives wherever we can.

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Our Pledge to the Community

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