PJ is the president of the professional psychiatric services (PPS) division of Discovery Behavioral Health. The PPS division includes DiscoveryMD, Anew TMS & Psychiatry and AwakeningsKC, which has facilities across the United States. PJ has worked at Discovery Behavioral Health in various capacities, including director of admissions, vice president of admission and vice president of growth. Prior to Discovery, PJ started working in the behavioral healthcare field at a center for adults in substance use disorder treatment. It was there that PJ grew a passion for helping those with co-occurring mental health, substance use and eating disorders. He sees it as a privilege to provide patients and their families access to quality care. To PJ, this was especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic when the organization saw an incredible need for extending telehealth services, which is a hallmark service of the PPS division. Since then, PJ has watched in awe of how the industry moved from in-person residential to the emerging telehealth space, quickly becoming a huge growth opportunity for the organization, as well as him as a leader in this space. When PJ is not helping innovate the psychiatric services space, he enjoys spending time surfing and boating with his wife and young children on the coast of Southern California.