Today’s Behavioral Health Challenges

Today’s Behavioral Health Challenges

Mental Health

We recognize that mental struggles come in many forms. So we design personalized treatment programs, in concert with client and family. Though customized, every plan is similarly targeted to impact behavioral, social, emotional and spiritual growth through mutual trust.

Substance Abuse

Committed to healing that addresses the mind, body and spirit, we apply treatment techniques based on evidentiary science. This enables transformation that is collaborative, holistic and remarkably lasting.

Eating Disorders

Our experience treating this complex psychological condition has resulted in positive outcomes that have greatly reduced pain, suffering and serious health problems. We strive to treat the root of the disorder so that clients not only heal, but also acquire solid coping mechanisms.

Solving Challenges
with Evidence-Based Results

Every life is unique and irreplaceable. When one of those lives becomes endangered through addiction or mental health issues, there can be no room for hunches or conjecture. The treatment solution lies in evidence-based applications, backed by collaborative planning, critical alliances, and experienced care. Discovery Behavioral Health offers a strong clinical approach that helps the client heal holistically – in mind, body and spirit.

Science Solving Challenges

Welcoming Challenges
with Dedicated Professionals

The strength of our programs derives from the quality of our people. Competent. Compassionate. Committed to problem-solving through fact-based applications. Many of our professionals hold clinical degrees and doctorates that reflect years of study and training. They have achieved positive therapeutic outcomes through treatments broadly supported by significant empirical data.

People Embracing Challenges

Overcoming Challenges
Through Better Access

One of the keys to any good recovery program is the level of its accessibility. Is it convenient for the participant, both in terms of location and the types of programs offered? Discovery Behavioral Health is committed to providing the ultimate in patient access, through a strategic mix of geographic locations, as well as tiered pricing that makes life-changing care practical and affordable for the largest possible client base.

Location Overcoming Challenges
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Our Pledge to the Community

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