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Behavioral healthcare is unique, and it takes dedicated and exceptional professionals to help a vulnerable patient population. At Discovery Behavioral health, we understand the complexities to navigate a changing healthcare system and stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry. Partnering with DBH removes such complications so you can get to the heart of what you do best.


Benefits of Partnering with Discovery

  1. Personal outreach representative: We will connect you with an outreach representative who will serve as your personal resource for anything you might need, from recommended patient placements to alerts about upcoming events.
  2. Professional growth opportunities: You’ll have the inside track about various continuing education programs and peer networking events.
  3. Locations across the U.S.: Access 100+ treatment centers nationwide for eating, mental health and substance use disorders.
  4. A full continuum of care: With a Discovery partnership, you can turn to a resource for when you need to refer a patient to care outside of the individual therapy that you have been doing with them.

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Discovery Behavioral Health - For Clinicians

Get to Know the Discovery Continuum of Care

If you are a behavioral healthcare professional, you know that the best solution for any given patient can be unique and multi-faceted. Our continuum of care can help give patients access to the level of care and acuity they need when they need it. You are part of that continuum, because it is our job to bring patients back to you when they’ve completed residential, partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient programs within the DBH system. Within our system, patients will get the level of care they need, when they need it, and can step up or step down based on their individualized treatment plan and progress.


Knowing When to Refer Your Patient

There can be several signs that indicate when you should refer your patient to a higher level of care:

  • A patient reaches a plateau in their care and is unable to make progress toward their therapeutic goals.
  • A patient creates obstacles to treatment because they feel comfortable where they are and do not want to progress further.
  • A patient is unable to follow through with therapeutic directives due to distractions, peer pressure, the family environment or pressures at school or work or an overall unsupportive environment.
  • In-network providers: Discovery Behavioral Health services are preferred providers with most major insurance companies.
  • A patient is unable to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) without support or intervention.

If you feel your patient is regressing for any reason, a higher level of care may be in order. We’ll create a seamless transition into our program and keep you informed of their progress. When it’s time for discharge, we will coordinate a transition back into your treatment for the essential aftercare needed as part of the continuum of care.

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