What is Discovery365®?

Discovery365 is a proprietary AI technology platform available at Discovery treatment center nationwide, created in collaboration with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Videra Health. By virtually extending the continuum of care for one full year post discharge, Discovery365 will:

Provide a virtual “safety net” for one year following discharge, helping us to monitor and intervene if patients need additional support.

Increase the likelihood of preventing relapses before they occur.

Position patients for long-term success.

How Discovery365 Works

Within 48 hours of program completion, the patient receives a link prompting them to answer questions about their status. Links are sent at 16 key touchpoints: 48 hours after discharge, weekly for the first month, and monthly for the first year. By extending the continuum of care for an additional year, we provide much needed support during the transition from treatment to home, work or school. If a patient is younger than 18 years of age, the link is sent to the parent.

Discovery365 AI Technology & Machine Learning

Sometimes what a patient doesn’t say, can provide important information. Through AI technology and machine learning powered by Videra Health, Discovery365 tracks baseline information and irregularities that may indicate signs of struggle or high-risk behavior including:

• Facial movements/expressions
• Language usage
• Rate of speech
• Absolute language (“always”/“never”)

• Perceived mood & affect
• Indicators of high-risk behaviors
• Speech patterns
• Machine learning

Through Discovery365, we can even predict patients’ PHQ-9 and GAD scores with remarkable accuracy (.90 and .89, respectively).

When Discovery365 detects a patient is struggling, it notifies our response team in real time. This alerts us to provide additional support and help patients stay in compliance with their treatment plan. With ongoing monitoring, collection and analyzation of data, we can:

Increase efficiency and effectiveness of our treatment

Minimize or prevent relapses from occurring

Create predictive models and best practices

Give every patient a greater opportunity for success through ongoing and customized support.

Discovery365 is completely confidential and HIPAA compliant.

The Discovery365 Team

Matthew Ruble, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Rachel Wood, PhD
VP, Learning Health Systems

Phillip Sung-En Wang, Dr. P.H., MD

Director of the Center for Learning Health Systems

Loren Larsen

Dr. Brett Talbot, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist, CCO/Cofounder

Shelbi Cox, MA

Business Analytics & Insights Specialist

Alyson Albano, MA, LMFT, PMH-C 

VP, Clinical Performance & Process Optimization

Longitudinal Outcomes + Learning Health Systems

Longitudinal outcome data will inform and improve future treatment programs. This includes the use of predictive analytics to determine the most appropriate level of care for patients, best practices and the ability to reduce relapse and readmissions through early intervention in the critical first year after discharge.

Coming Soon: Discovery365 Outcomes Report

Discovery for Life®: A Lifetime Commitment to Our Patients

Discovery for Life is our commitment to support lifelong recovery. Patients have access to free support groups, social events, an alumni app with a community of caring people. The Discovery Lifetime Commitment is available to every patient for as long as they choose to use them. Our patients have made a lifetime commitment to their recovery and we’re making a lifetime commitment to them.