Loren Larsen is the CEO and Co-founder of Videra Health, a company focused on helping measure and assess mental health using video and artificial intelligence. Larsen is an award-winning technology veteran with extensive engineering and research experience and over 25 issued US patents. Loren has spent the last two decades building teams of scientists and engineers that have built smart video technology used in the delivery of digital assets across many platform ecosystems, including video relay for the deaf and hard of hearing, internet television, and film. His work has been published in both the popular press and scientific journals.  

Loren previously worked as the Chief Technology Officer at HireVue, building its industry leading on-demand video job interviewing platform, which has since facilitated over 33 million interviews. There, he and his team also invented several new machine learning techniques for predicting, measuring, mitigating, and monitoring potential algorithmic bias to assess individual job competencies using verbal and non-verbal behavior.  

Loren is passionate about augmenting healthcare with machine learning to better connect patients to their providers in a scalable way and ensure critical patient data is extracted that would otherwise be missed in a purely human interaction. He is an expert at developing technology that accurately analyzes human language and emotion. Loren is also a co-founder of Nomi Health, a services and technology direct healthcare company. 

Loren earned his Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from the University of Utah. He then attended Clemson University, earning a master’s degree in computer science.