Discovery Behavioral Health - Our Team

Our People

In this Vital Arena of Service, People Matter

Not only those who come to our facilities for life-saving treatment, but also our experienced professional administrators and staff whose unflinching goal is to help every patient attain lasting health and full recovery. Even the most intricately designed recovery programs require a dynamic catalyst to move them forward effectively. That catalyst is the quality of our people – all licensed professionals, many with advanced clinical degrees and doctorates.


The DBH clinical staff offers proficiency in a wide range of therapeutic disciplines. All have been extensively trained and feature many years of hands-on experience. They apply evidentiary methodologies based on tested, proven results. Their cutting-edge, evidence-based treatments reflect practical thinking honed through numerous results-oriented applications. Ours is an experienced team of skilled professionals who have what it takes to lead, to inspire and to change the lives of those they serve.


Compassionate Expertise

Just as important as their professionalism and expertise, our staff members are highly relatable, with the ability to engage patients in a personable, sincere manner. They possess a real passion for their job, along with uncompromising dedication to improving the lives of those they serve on a daily basis.

The skill and depth of our resilient clinical team and seasoned administrators set the tone for our entire operation. With the right people in the right places, we are able to evolve and grow in a seamless, organic manner. Clearly, it is more than a business to DBH; it is our life’s work.

Executive Team

John Peloquin, Ph.D., MBA
President & Chief Executive Officer
James Bailey M.Ed., M.H.A.
Chief Operating Officer
Sandra Sellani, MBA
Vice President of Marketing & Sales
Edye Bauer, Esq.
General Counsel
W. Bradley Cooper CPA, CGMA
Chief Financial Officer
Amy C. Brown, M.A.
President, Mental Health Divison
Joe Tinervin
President, Substance Use & Eating Disorder Divisions
Corey Procuniar, SHRM-CP
Vice President of Human Resources
Chris Diamond
Vice President of Business Development
Randy C. Davis, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor to the CEO
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