Stars and Stripes

Healing Our Heroes

Proudly Serving Veterans, Active-Duty Military, First Responders & Their Families


Find Freedom from Substance Use, Mental Health & Eating Disorders

Veterans and active-duty servicemembers have sacrificed so much of themselves by pledging to fight for our freedoms. First responders put their lives on the line every day for their communities. And families of all of these heroes try to stay strong, waiting for them to make it back home safely. Sometimes, all the sacrifice can be too much, and you may turn to unhealthy behaviors to cope.

When it’s time to pull yourself out of the darkness and find hope, you need a place that not only supports you, but also values the lifestyle aspects of those who serve their country and communities. The Discovery Behavioral Health Stars & Stripes program has evidence-based, trauma-focused and personalized treatment in all levels of care that is led by a staff trained in understanding the culture of the military and first responders.

Eating Disorder | Substance Use | Mental Health | Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Ketamine | Psychiatry | Residential | Partial Hospitalization | Intensive Outpatient

Paving a Road to Lifelong Recovery

Treatment at one of our centers is just the beginning. On the day of discharge, our patients report dramatic changes in their lives and their outlook for the future:

  • 100% are hopeful about the future
  • 99% believe they have a purpose in life
  • 99% believe they can meet their personal goals
  • 95% know how to control their symptoms
  • 96% believe they can handle what happens in life
  • 97% feel hopeful about the future
  • 97% are hopeful about the future
  • 97% believe they have a purpose in life
  • 99% believe they can meet their personal goals

A Brotherhood & Sisterhood of Support

The Stars & Stripes program is customized to help patients with their individualized needs. You’ll find that our services lend themselves not just to veterans, active-duty and first responders, but also to family members or dependents, including adolescents. We offer a variety of evidence-based, holistic and interventional treatments, along with specialized services. (Please note: treatments and services vary per location.)

  • One-on-one talk therapy, small group therapy, family therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT), Somatic Experiencing®
  • Detox, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, sober living
  • Stages of Change
  • 12-step programming
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), ketamine and esketamine therapies
  • Mindful meditation, yoga, Reiki, art therapy, equine therapy, music therapy, sound baths, Conscious Recovery
  • Discovery for Life™ alumni and aftercare services

Compassion & Camaraderie Post-Treatment

We’re honored to help our nation’s heroes and their families rebuild their lives. Our clinical and administrative teams take their responsibilities seriously, as many have either walked in their shoes and have been trained to understand the cultural sensitivities of the military and first responders. At discharge and beyond, we establish care coordination between our facilities and other resources or partnerships within the community, whether that’s with the VA or other organizations.\

Discovery for Life and Discovery 365

When the Stars & Stripes program comes to an end, we remain committed to providing you with ongoing support. After treatment, you automatically have Discovery for Life – free support that’s with you for a lifetime. What’s more, Discovery for Life begins with Discovery 365, a 16-point interactive assessment and check-in program for one year after discharge. With Discovery 365, we use proprietary technology to intervene when you need additional support. Think of it as a safety net to keep you on track and successful in your recovery journey.

In-Network Insurance Accepted

We work with Tricare and VA insurance. We proudly partner with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as a provider in the Community Care Network (CCN) and can serve veterans with an authorized referral from their VA.


For more information about our Stars & Stripes program at Discovery, reach out to our dedicated team. Call (512) 721-1229 or email [email protected].

1. Percentage includes patients who admitted to a substance use disorder treatment program under Discovery Behavioral Health in 2022 (between 1/1/22 and 12/31/22) and completed the Recovery Assessment Scale (RAS, N=3,107). Programs include Cliffside Malibu, Authentic Recovery Center, Casa Palmera, Pinelands Recovery Center, PaRC, Prosperity and New Hope Ranch. As patients who admitted to treatment presented with addiction as their primary mental illness, “addiction” here also refers to “mental illness experience” as written in the RAS.
2. Percentage includes adult and adolescent patients who admitted to the Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program in 2022 (between 1/1/22 and 12/31/22) and completed the Recovery Assessment Scale (RAS) (N = 2,011). Average treatment range 43 days for those who completed treatment.
3. Percentage includes adult and adolescent patients who admitted to the Center for Discovery program in 2022 (between 1/1/22 and 12/31/22) and completed the Recovery Assessment Scale (RAS, N = 1,517). Average treatment range 56 days for those who completed treatment.