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Our Locations

More Options for Better Outcomes

Behavioral health treatment programs are only as effective as the ease of their access. That is one of the key pillars of our mission, at Discovery Behavioral Health (DBH). We believe that every individual deserves quick, convenient accessibility, with geographically desirable treatment sites and affordable care for a variety of income levels. Toward that goal, we have acquired some of the finest behavioral health recovery facilities in the nation, from coast to coast and various points in between. Importantly, we have designed these centers and their care programs for a variety of price points. It is our overwhelming desire to assist as many people and change as many lives as possible. We understand that mental health, substance abuse, and eating disorders are equal opportunity conditions that strike individuals in all geographic areas and income ranges.

Discovery Behavioral Health - Our Locations

If you need a treatment center for a friend, loved one or for yourself, we’ll make it easy to get the help you need.

All programs include:

  • Evidence-based treatment
  • Joint Commission Accredited programming
  • Licensed behavioral health professionals, nurses and social workers
  • Residential programs in beautiful, homelike environments
  • Outpatient programs in accessible locations
  • Small number of patients per program for more individualized attention
For more information, or to schedule an admission, call 866-556-8510.
You will find our recovery centers all along the Pacific Coast, from California to Washington, throughout the Midwest and southwest and at various points along the Atlantic, from Florida to New England.

Each facility has been created to produce the most favorable long-term outcomes, through customized experiences for clients of all types and degrees of need. With access to all of the latest and most relevant evidence-based treatment solutions, we make change accessible. We make it reasonable. We make it possible.

This wealth of addiction, mental health, and eating disorder campuses attests not only to our overwhelming commitment but also to our financial stability and solid company infrastructure. In that sense, they reconfirm our position as a true industry-wide leader.

Discovery Behavioral Health - Our Locations


If you are in need of any of our Behavioral Health Services click on the particular logo below to find out about our admissions process or call 833-260-1670.

Substance Abuse

Discovery Behavioral Health - Cliffside Malibu
Discovery Behavioral Health - Pinelands Recovery Center

Mental Health

Discovery Behavioral Health - Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program

Eating Disorders

Discovery Behavioral Health - Center for Discovery Eating Disorder Treatment