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Therapeutic Alliance

Therapeutic Alliance

Research has shown that a positive therapeutic alliance is one of the best predictors of treatment outcomes. The therapeutic alliance describes the degree to which the client and therapist are engaged in collaborative, purposeful work; and is the foundation component in our pyramid clinical philosophy.


The alliance, which has been shown to promote change, is the relationship between client and therapist that encourages hope and possibilities in an environment of safety and trust. Successful treatment goals cannot be achieved until safety is established. Our team of outreach professionals collaborate with referring therapists to ensure a preservation of alliance is maintained with referring therapists during the patient’s episode of care to ensure a successful reengagement upon completion of treatment.


While under our care, it is our intention to provide therapists that embody traits of empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard, the necessary and sufficient conditions responsible for client change. From there, the three features of the working alliance can unfold: collaborative agreement on goals, collaborative agreement on tasks and the development of an emotional bond.


Over time, the relationship between therapist and patient will continue to grow and evolve and in the process of doing so, the patient will experience the growth and healing necessary to engage with the world and live a happy and rewarding life. Quality treatment is more than simple industry jargon for Discovery Behavioral Health (DBH). We have established a Therapeutic Alliance of care, formed by four distinct elements: